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We're increasing access to automation.

Rigorous Technology is a robotics company with a mission to automate non-creative tasks. We primarily support industrial manufacturers with a focus on small to medium size companies across the US. We prototype, design, build, and install robots that help humans. Rigorous Technology develops manipulation and control software, continually building upon our RGS software library. 


Rigorous is a startup, and every new hire will have a direct impact on the company and our success. We have had three and a half years of consistent growth, doubling revenue each year and developing the foundation of our core products & technologies. As we grow, we are moving towards remote diagnostics, maintenance, and service programs, making cutting-edge technology accessible to regional manufacturers. We are looking for employees who can become foundational members of our growing team, acting as subject matter experts in your respective fields - especially as we scale. 

Rigorous is currently seeking top performers for a fast-paced and constantly evolving technical environment, committed to solving difficult problems that improve people’s lives. You will support research and development projects as well as production-ready products. If you have a passion for learning, possess strong technical skills, and thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment, we encourage you to apply.

Job Openings

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