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Meet B.O.B., a compact and mobile solution that combines the efficiency of robotic palletizing with flexibility of a mobile cart.

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  • 50 lb payload capabilities
  • 120 volt Plug-in-ready
  • Multipick design
  • Compact and mobile

Our Box Order Bot automates the physically demanding and repetitive task of stacking boxes on pallets, increasing efficiency and safety in the workplace. It boosts throughput speed, accuracy, and reduces labor costs while minimizing workplace injuries.

Stack the way you want to.


The Rigorous team tailors turnkey products to your specific requirements. Collabrative robots don’t only have to work, they have to work for you, solving your operational challenges.

  • auto callibration smart startup
  • No-Code Configurations
  • Remote Support
  • Data Capture & Intelligence
  • Automatic Fault Detection & Resolution

Automate demanding tasks

Streamline your operations with a system that makes palletizing tasks safer and faster to execute. Using the trusted CRX series robots from Fanuc, you can achieve 8-14 pieces per minute and stack the way you want to.

Two designated areas for palletizing goods enable a continuous flow of pallets, ensuring a constant and efficient process. The cell can be moved with ease, making it a convenient option for those who need to move it frequently or in tight spaces.



Enhance efficiency with multipick capabilities

Increase throughput with multipick to speed up the palletizing process in high-volume environments. This feature optimizes the workflow and reduces operational costs while increasing throughput.

Easy Installation

B.O.B. will arrive assembled and factory tested. This means you can start using your product right out of the box without any hassle.

  1. Roll B.O.B. into place.
  2. Plug B.O.B. into a 120V power source and power up the unit.
  3. Create your product (box dimensions, weight, etc.)
  4. Start palletizing!


RGS Software Platform

RGS robotic software applications provide seamless integration of advanced sensing technologies and hardware-agnostic controls.

Robotic arm connected to the internet.


A turnkey, configurable, plug-in-ready solution for palletizing.

Radar icon.


Material handling and conveyor system controller with Smart Queue technology.

Digital map icon.


Efficient path planning for time savings, robot longevity, and obstacle avoidance.

Digital vision icon.


LiDAR and camera vision processing systems to detect inputs inside of the cell and direct action from the robotic system.