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Leave the heavy lifting to the robot.

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Case Study

For Accurate Box, the greatest risk to throughput was retaining employees to load their high-speed folder-gluer.

High Speed

Turn up   your throughput

What's faster, the Box Hopper or two hand loaders? 

Clients have seen a 15% increase in their folder/gluer speeds when comparing the Box Hopper to manual loading operations – even with multiple operators.

That's saving your staff from moving 4+ tons of boxes each hour.

Smart Sensing

It's all about uptime

Misaligned cartons can cause bad picks – but that doesn't have to slow you down.

Keep your machines running with automatic fault detection and resolution.

A network of laser sensors, LiDAR, and image processing make this system truly automatic.

Easy-to-read alarms allow the operator to quickly diagnose issues and keep production running.

Flexible for You

Tailored to your operations

Don't change your entire process flow, let the robot work for you.

The Box Hopper can pick from one or multiple stacks, from a pallet, or directly off of the conveyor.

The Box Hopper comes with no-code configurations for a large range of flute and carton sizes.

Have a unique process or product? We offer customization packages to match your needs.

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