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In search of an automated part tending system with increased flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-operations?

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  • IMM-Specific Controls & Safety
  • Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Versatile Pre and Post Processes
  • Native Euromap 67 Integration

“We focus on use-ability and consistency. We chose Rigorous because they fit the bill and our niche.”

Garth Blocher
Technical Program Manager, R&D
Revision Military


The Rigorous team tailors turnkey products to your specific requirements. Industrial robots don’t only have to work, they have to work for you, solving your operational challenges.

  • Modular & Hardware-agnostic
  • No-Code Configurations
  • Remote Support
  • Data Capture & Intelligence
  • Automatic Fault Detection & Resolution

Simplify Complex Processes

Accelerate your production cycle with a system that makes complex tasks simpler and faster to execute.

Clients have streamlined their workflows by integrating pre and post-processes into one Part Tender, reducing manual effort or the need for multiple robotics.

Intuitive Interface, Superior Performance

Maximize productivity with operator controls designed specifically for injection molding. 

Operators make efficient product changeovers with no-code configurations.

Rest easy with embedded safety features specific to injection molding machine tending.

Quick Adaptation to Market Demands

Capitalize on new opportunities rapidly with technology that adapts to evolving market needs.

The Part Tender supports continual improvement through advanced data capture for productivity analytics.

RGS Software Platform

RGS robotic software applications provide seamless integration of advanced sensing technologies and hardware-agnostic controls.

Robotic arm connected to the internet.


A turnkey, configurable, IMM-specific application for machine tending.

Radar icon.


Material handling and conveyor system controller with Smart Queue technology.

Digital map icon.


Efficient path planning for time savings, robot longevity, and obstacle avoidance.

Digital vision icon.


LiDAR and camera vision processing systems to detect inputs inside of the cell and direct action from the robotic system.