On the premiere episode of The Rigorous Approach, our CEO and Co-Founder, Colin Riggs, discusses the popular topic of AI and its implications for the industrial sector.

Colin’s take is that AI is a popular and promising technology for good reasons. However, it may take some time to fully achieve its potential. What we need to focus on now is building a strong foundation, and that foundation is data – lots of it.

He thinks it’s important to focus on completing Industry 4.0 before moving on to Industry 5.0. This means upgrading IT infrastructures to modern standards. We need to collect and analyze large amounts of data and present it visually so that we can make important decisions based on it.

AI will soon be able to learn about your operations and help people make better decisions about workflows and layouts. To enable AI to make informed decisions, it will require data from your organization. Therefore, it is crucial to capture the necessary background knowledge now to enable AI to have a significant impact.