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Balancing Safety and Precision.

Revision’s R&D division sought an automated pick-and-place solution for their insert molding process in 2022, requiring high precision that operators couldn’t match due to restrictions on touching the product. They aimed to merge a 6-axis robot’s flexibility with a gantry robot’s simplicity.

Relentless Dedication.

Revision focuses on creating advanced ballistic and laser-protective eyewear. They leverage their expertise in design and development, along with substantial investment in high-volume manufacturing and vertical integration, to achieve their core mission: producing eyewear solutions that are pivotal in saving lives.

The Rigorous Approach to Partnership.

We develop automation tailored to specific business goals, emphasizing collaboration in design, development, and deployment. Regular interactions with Revision ensured system efficiency, safety, and adaptability. Revision appreciated our detail-oriented work and the reliable performance of the automation system, noting its ease of use.