Corrugated Handling Robot


automation designed with modular technologies

Automated Corrugated Handling

Rigorous' cardboard handling cells are tailored to each client's unique process. Configurable to include pallet and slip sheet management, pallet stacking, and mid-queue removal.

Rigorous Robot Gripper


Designed to service up to 25,000 boxes per hour at a variety of flute sizes. 


Configurable to service multiple board sizes and operational footprints.


Hardware designed for minimal wear even on high quality printed cardboard.


Multiple cells create additional efficiencies and increased ROI by sharing personnel and components.

Custom Development

Automate the most repetitive, dangerous, or difficult-to-fill tasks in your industrial facility.

Leverage modular components including software, hardware, and cell design to make high technology accessible to your operation.


Ask us about our incentives program for the development of products with the potential to market adoption.

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Preliminary Design

Conceptual Proposal

What will be developed, how will it work, when can it be delivered, how much will it cost?

We work with your team to define the concept of operations. The full system requirements are based on your needs, resources, and operational constraints.

Deliverables include component functionality, layout, development schedule, and bill of materials.

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Robot Engineering Rigorous
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Critical Design


A roadmap for development.

During critical design, we finalize the designs of the custom tooling and select each component for the system.

Deliverables include mechanical drawings and CAD files, electrical drawings, engineering analyses results, and acceptance testing criteria.

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Build, Test, Install

We build and test system components in a test cell that mimics the final cell layout in our Vermont robotics lab.

Upon a successful Factory Acceptance Test, we ship and install the system in its final location.

We offer ongoing maintenance and support for our products.

Fabrication Rigorous
Collaborative Robot Rigorous


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