Happy Accurate Box Co. team photo showing their satisfaction for their new smart pre-feeder solution, the Box Hopper.

What has been the consensus among the executives and employees at Accurate for the new robotic system? Hirsh says that the robotic system has consistently increased throughput, from 13,500 cartons with two human loaders to only one robotic operator that looks at the product, manages the touchscreen computer, and allows operation to increase to 15,000 cartons. During Accurate’s regular lunch-and-learn events with employees, leadership found that its employees were excited and positive about the new technology. One operator came up and thanked the team from Rigorous, saying he no longer has back problems. “Robotics and automation are very aligned with our corporate vision,” says Hirsh. “We see it as a way to increase the efficiency of our employees not to replace them. It’s a tool that can help us stay competitive as a business and increase throughput.”

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