About Us

A mission to automate non-creative tasks

Rigorous was founded to help domestic manufacturers stay competitive through the application of advanced automation. 

We work with clients to replace the most dangerous, repetitive, and difficult-to-fill roles with novel technology.

We strive to create accessible operator controls, expanding access to robotic operations to more companies and more employees. 


Our Story

Colin Riggs and Diane Abruzzini were both inspired by their work on farms. Colin theorized the application of algorithms for complex planting patterns, which directed his career into robotics. Diane worked through a variety of business models, looking to understand where new efforts can best serve the supply chain. 


In Colin's career as a Head of Product Development and Senior Robotics Engineer, Colin has developed and integrated dozens of discrete systems for land and sea. 

Rigorous was founded in 2020 to relieve bottlenecks in US manufacturing and agriculture through the application of advanced automation.

Since 2020, we've developed a model to bring robotic automation to Northeast manufacturers in a way that reduces upfront investment and increases profitability for our partners.

Rigorous Values

Be useful

We prioritize products and services that help humans do their jobs, run their companies, and learn new skills. 

We value people who step up and solve real problems in a truly useful way in our lab and for our clients. 

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Do the Hardest Thing First

When we design novel products, we always tackle the aspects that are the most complicated or innovative first.

This ethos helps de-risk development programs for our clients – they'll know early how long it will take for a new concept to succeed.

The Crew

Act with Rigor

Rigorous is not just our name, it is our professional identity.

We design complex engineering. In order to make novel concepts work, we are methodical and thorough in everything we design.

Once we start building (the hardest thing first), we know what to expect and can anticipate the problems left to solve.


Our Clients



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